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Building relationships and solving problems before they even arrive. Evaluate your most important assets with us.


Our company creates, organizes and provides best solutions in the field of programming and team-based outsourcing. Efficiency and productivity? Let us take care of that. Rely on our responsive technical support, build with our first-class sales, and take back office service for granted. In addition, we are providing resources customers can’t normally find on it themselves.


Managing services which include data processing and hosting. Data processing submitted by the user and the preparation of specialized reports based on data obtained from clients, as well as data entry.

*Costumizable Solutions*


Assistance to clients which relate to planning, organizational issues, business efficiency. Presenting your product that fits as a solution or just answering client questions and making sure they get your product or service.

*24/7 Presence*


Company Hitrek was initially founded in 2018. We value data privacy, digital sovereignty, and enabling conscious choices on how and with whom people and organizations share their valuable data.

Feel free to contact us in relation to career opportunities and business cooperation. We value everyone’s input.

              Jurija Gagarina 255, Belgrade


                              +381 60 66 88 375